Nuclear Medicine/PET

Nuclear Medicine/PET

Featuring revolutionary technologies at the forefront of advanced Nuclear Medicine radiology services, diagnostics and care.

AdventHealth Medical Group Radiology at Central Florida is a specialized group of radiologists comprised of more than 100 physicians and nearly ten different subspecialties within the practice of radiology who are committed to provide not only the most advanced imaging services, but also the highest quality customer service to both patients and their caregivers, as well as referring physicians. Our nuclear medicine/PET radiologists practice exclusively at all the AdventHealth imaging facilities, as well as the AdventHealth Imaging Centers (AHIC) located in Central Florida to provide the following:


Nuclear Medicine Specialties

Bone Imaging

  • SPECT/CT (tomography) Bone Imaging

  • Three-phase Bone Imaging

Brain Imaging

  • Brain Perfusion

  • Dementia Imaging with F18

  • Shunt Studies

  • SPECT Brain Imaging

  • Cisternography

Endocrine Imaging

  • Thyroid Uptake/Scan

  • Parathyroid Imaging

Gastrointestinal Imaging

  • Gastric Emptying Scan

  • GI Bleeding Scan

  • Hepatobiliary Imaging with or without GB EF

  • Liver and Spleen Imaging

  • Liver SPECT (Hemangioma) Imaging

  • Meckel’s Scan

  • PY test for H.pylori

Inflammation Imaging

  • Gallium

  • Labeled White Cells


  • Cardiac Ejection Fraction

  • Radionuclide Lymphoscintigraphy

  • Sentinel Node Mapping

Oncologic Imaging

  • I-131 Thyroid Carcinoma

  • MIBG

  • Octreoscan


  • Axumin

  • Dotatate

  • Dementia Imaging

  • F-18 FDG Oncology Imaging

  • F-18 NaF Bone Imaging

Pulmonary Imaging

  • Split Lung Function Determination

  • Ventilation/Perfusion Imaging

Renal Imaging

  • GFR Determination

  • Renal Scans for Function and Evaluation of Obstruction

Patient / Physician Commitment

  • Ability to Email Reports

  • Call with Preliminary Results

  • Direct Access to Radiologists (24/7)

  • Expert Interpretation and Communication

  • Involved from Diagnosis through Treatment

  • Physician to Physician Communication

Our Nuclear Medicine / PET Doctors